Include is a Verb: Moving from Talk to Action on Diversity and Inclusion

Sherry has conducted professional development workshops for the Association for Women in Science - and has done so with great talent, skill, and perspective. Feedback from participants has been very positive. I certainly recommend her work.
— Ric Weibl, Chief Learning Officer, Association for Women in Science

Diversity is being invited to the table. Inclusion is being asked to help plan the event.

Inclusion occurs when everyone in an organization has an equal and meaningful opportunity to participate and contribute, regardless of their differences and without having to hide those differences or conform to the norms of the dominant culture. Diversity is required for inclusion, but it is not sufficient. Creating an inclusive organization or workplace requires leaders who understand the barriers to inclusion and the challenges of breaking down those barriers. This workshop is based on current research into what works to increase experiences of inclusion, including ways to counter the impact of implicit bias, the importance of allies, and the importance of questioning beliefs about where and when work gets done. 

Help for the Overwhelmed: Reduce Stress and Create Ease

 Learn how to create ease and satisfaction by increasing your ability to respond rather than react. Give up blame, stop being nice, learn to say, "No," and take response-ability for your experience. We'll explore these topics:

  • The Source of Your Experience is You

  • The Difference Between Responsibility and Blame

  • You're in Charge: How to Stop Reacting and Start Responding

  • How Self-Awareness Makes it Easier to Say "No"

  • The Opposite of "Nice" is not "Nasty:" Kindness Comes from Honesty and Authenticity

Step Into Your Personal Power: How to Lead With Authenticity, Honesty, Kindness

How does mindfulness, and the self-awareness mindfulness brings, produce the self-confidence, authenticity, and clarity that are at the root of excellence in leadership in your life, your career, and your community?  Learn how to step into your power, recognized your strengths, and create and live into your own vision of leadership. We’ll start with a short session of mindfulness meditation, then learn how to use visualization and body language to tap into your personal power. We’ll explore how to bring your whole self to every situation, how telling the truth really works, and how being kind is different from, and more helpful than, being nice.

Follow the Leader - You!

Leadership begins with how you lead your own life. Spend some time in playful exploration of what makes you, you. We’ll look at how self-awareness produces the self-confidence, authenticity, and clarity that are at the root of excellence in leadership in your life, your career, and your community. You'll learn how to step into your power, and you'll create a vision and a mission statement for your life. Topics covered include:

Sherry Marts provided an excellent leadership training for the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows. She listened to our needs and tailored the presentation for the audience. It was a pleasure working with Sherry.
— Eddie Gonzalez, Project Director, Congressional Fellowships Professional Development, AAAS
  • Leadership and Power

  • The Source of your Experience

  • The Three-Step Formula for Change

Get Real: The Power of Authenticity

What would happen if you showed up in your life in as Your Authentic Self? We'll explore that question and all that it evokes: fear, insecurity, uncertainty, discomfort. Learn how to free up your energy and creativity by dropping the masks of image. Leave your Imaginary Self behind, and emerge as the powerful being you truly are. This workshop includes:

  • Authenticity is Sensational: How Listening to Your Body Leads You to Truth

  • Dismantling Taboos and Prohibitions That Hold Your Imaginary Self In Place

  • How Authenticity Increases Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness

Powerful Communication: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, and Be Heard!

How often do you find yourself thinking (or saying) "But that's not what I meant!"? How often do you hear it from others? Clear and effective communication is the foundation for good relationships. This playdate will reveal your most common communication glitches, and ways to correct and prevent them. 

  • Honesty is Easier: How Telling the Truth Reduces Stress

  • Words Get in the Way: The Many Ways We Communicate

  • Simple, Clear, Direct: The Formula For Challenging Communication

  • The Right Medium for the Message: When to Write, to Call, and to Meet

More Workshop Topics