Why Does the World Need S*Marts Consulting?

The work of S*Marts Consulting emerged from my experiences as a woman, a student, a scientist, an employee, a manager, and an executive. Those experiences led me to ask:

“Why do people treat each other so badly?” and “What can I do about it?”

I still don’t have the answer to that first question. S*Marts Consulting LLC is my answer to the second question.

My mission is to create workplaces, professional meetings and conferences, and organizations where

  •       everyone brings their whole, authentic selves to the work

  •       everyone’s contributions are valued (including their mistakes)

  •       communication is clear and direct

  •       self-awareness is a key value

My commitment is to embody the values of honesty, authenticity, integrity, and inclusion in my own life and work, and to promote those values in the world.

I do this by working with employers and organizations who share my values and my commitment.

How about you?