Photo COurtesy of Unsplash

Photo COurtesy of Unsplash

Videos, Podcasts, and Webinars

“Why You Need Workplace Allies” HR Oxygen Podcast interview with Mack Munro

“How to Protect You House (Your Workplace)” Boss Builders Podcast interview.

“Not One More Generation: Women In Science Take on Sexual Harassment” ASBMB Today podcast.

"Open Secrets and Missing Stairs" Panel presentation to the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Committee on Impacts of Sexual Harassment in Academia. My presentation starts at about 14:00.

"Include is a Verb" webcast with co-hosts Kiki L'Italien and Nabib El-Ghoroury plus guests Jess Pettitt and Joe Gerstandt.

"No Means No: How to Respond to Harassment in the Moment" Webinar for the Association for Women in Science.