Videos, Podcasts, and Webinars

“Not One More Generation: Women In Science Take on Sexual Harassment” ASBMB Today podcast.

"Open Secrets and Missing Stairs" Panel presentation to the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Committee on Impacts of Sexual Harassment in Academia. My presentation starts at about 14:00.

"Include is a Verb" webcast with co-hosts Kiki L'Italien and Nabib El-Ghoroury plus guests Jess Pettitt and Joe Gerstandt.

"No Means No: How to Respond to Harassment in the Moment" Webinar for the Association for Women in Science.

Articles and Guest Blogs

Washington Post: Sexual Assault is NOT the Result of Women Drinking Alcohol

Corporate and Incentive Travel "#MeToo At Your Meetings"

Event Garde Guest Blog: "Six Ways to Move From Diversity to Inclusion That Start With You"

Wild Apricot Guest Blog: "Moving from Talk to Action on Diversity and Inclusion"

Spark Consulting Guest Blog: "Calling All ASAE Allies"

Guidestar Blog: "How to Use Your In-Person Events to Foster Diversity and Inclusion"

Association Advisor: "How to Use Your In-Person Events to Foster Diversity and Inclusion"

Associations NOW: "The Open Secret of Sexual Harassment at Meetings"

AWIS Magazine: "How to Stop Meeting Harassment"

ASAE Resources: "Anti-Harassment Policies at Meetings: Why They're Necessary and How to Create Effective Ones"

AWIS Magazine: "Boost Your Career: How to Find and Work With the Right Coach"

Interviews and Other Media

Science “#MeToo Controversy Erupts at Archaeology Meeting”

Science “Scientist share MIT ‘disobedience’ award for #MeToo advocacy”

Mail & Guardian “MIT honors #MeToo movement trailblazers”

Gizmodo “Leading U.S. Science Organization Overhauls Its Policy on Sexual Harassment”

ASBMB Today "Not One More Generation: Women in Science Take On Sexual Harassment”

Associations Now "#MeToo and Your Members"

Associations Now "3 Tips for Responding to Sexual Harassment at Meetings"

AWIS DC Chapter Member Spotlight

MPI Blog: "The Perfect Storm: Sexual Harassment in the Meeting Industry"

Meetings Today: "Q&A: Sexual Harassment in the Meetings Industry"

Associations NOW: "Is Unlimited PTO Right For Your Organization?"

Eventgarde blog: "Inclusivity: It's More than Words"

Associations Now: "Does Your Membership Team Have a Diversity and Inclusion Mindset?'

Meetings and Conventions: "Sexual Harassment Prevalent at Scientific Meetings"

Event Manager Blog: "Harassment at Meetings May Be a Bigger Problem Than You Thought"

Meetings and Conventions: "Survey: 60 Percent of Respondents Have Been Sexually Harassed at a Scientific Meeting"

Association Career HQ "Use Your Vacation Time and Feel Good About It"

Nature Jobs Blog: "How to Break Out of a Scientific Career Rut"

Nature News and Commentary "Scientific Groups Revisit Sexual-Harassment Policies"

Association Career HQ "In Hiring , Beware Your Unconscious Bias"

Associations Now: "Welcome Everyone: How to Make Your Meetings More Inclusive"

Associations Now: "Why (and How) Women Should Brag More" 


Raven Dana and Sherry Marts. The Book of How: Answers to Life's Most Important Question