Coaching sessions last 60 minutes, and are can be held at the client’s workplace in the metro DC area. Sessions may also be held by telephone or internet connection (e.g. Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout).

First-time clients must invest in a 6- or 8-session package. Ideally sessions will be scheduled every other week.

  • Single session                 $ 350
  • Package of 4 sessions    $1300
  • Package of 6 sessions    $1950
  • Package of 8 sessions    $2500

Additional fees will apply for evaluative work, for example interviews with supervisors, coworkers, or supervisees. 

Is Coaching Worth the Time and Expense?

Coaching for executive and employee development is a proven way to leverage your investment in your staff and leadership. Coaching is ideal for

  • preparing to advance into a new or challenging role
  • making the transition from staff to management
  • improving workplace communication within teams, with direct reports, and with supervisors

Ask yourself “What is it costing me to have my performance at work stay the way it is?” What is it costing you in terms of your mental, physical, emotional, and financial health? What is it costing your relationships loved ones and friends? Ask yourself if you – a happy, productive, satisfied you – are worth it.