S*Marts Coaching: Grow, Change, Thrive

Jason ORtego for Unsplash

Jason ORtego for Unsplash

 Are You Ready for Change?

Does satisfaction elude you? Is your life out of balance? Do you want to get ahead but seem stuck in place?  Do you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to achieve those goals, yet they still seem out of reach?

When you are ready to change, grow and create what you dream of, I can help. Working together, we will find out what is in your way and I will give you the right tools to dismantle blocks, clear your path, and create the life that you want.

I really appreciated [Sherry’s] practical approach to identifying obstacles that we put in our own path and working with me on concrete strategies to jump over them. I wish I had her as my coach 20 years ago!
— Karen D., AAAS Fellow


  • Client-centered approach focused on your desires and goals
  • Proven methods for creating what you want
  • Uncomplicated formula for revising limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Radical Honesty™ coach
  • Certified Next Level Leadership Developer
  • 20+ years’ experience as peer counselor, mentor, and leader


  • Commitment to growth and change
  • Willingness to give up what you have so that you can have what you want
  • Frustrations and apparent roadblocks
  • Old and outdated habits, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Desires and goals that may seem unattainable


  • Ask the right questions and dig for the answers
  • Uncover the unconscious commitments that keep you stuck
  • Build tools and practice methods to revise and replace limiting habits and beliefs
  • Replace “I should . . .” with “I want to . . .”
  • Clear away communication snags and tangles
  • Drop pretenses and reveal your authentic self