Meeting Staff Too Busy to Enforce Your Code of Conduct? We Can Help.

Having an anti-harassment policy is only the first step. For your policy to be effective, you must have procedures and trained staff in place to address harassment incidents as the arise. 

For meetings at which the attention and energies of staff are stretched thin, we can step in to take in and investigate harassment complaints, ensuring that you are provided with complete and accurate information, quickly and confidentially. In addition to freeing up staff time and energy, the use of a neutral ombudsman can help encourage reporting and prevent complaints of too much, or too little, attention to incident reports.

Enforcement service includes:

  • Working with staff to establish effective and manageable procedures for handling incident reports

  • Working with staff to monitor social media for indications that an incident has occurred

  • Serving as the first point of contact for incident reports

  • Interacting with complainants and alleged harassers

  • Ensuring timely action on incident reports

  • Maintaining confidentiality of incident reports

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