Tapping Your Mind’s Potential: Using Symbols and Imagery to Reach Your Deep Mind

Have you ever had the experience of knowing something, without knowing how you know it? Hunches, intuitions, gut feelings – whatever you call them, we all have many ways of knowing that are not easily accessed through words. Bestselling books like Malcom Gladwell’s Blink and Shankar Vedantam’s The Hidden Brain have explored the science behind this. In this playdate, we’ll take a more practical approach. We’ll explore how to use symbols, images, and art to bring the knowledge and wisdom of the Deep Mind closer to conscious awareness.

Find Your Center: Meditation for Stress Relief

Bring the benefits of mindfulness meditation, creative visualization, and energizing relaxation. Offered as a single session, or as a six- or eight-week program (one hour per week) at your workplace in the metro DC and Baltimore area. Regular meditation has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve sleep.

Re-Write Your Story, Change Your Life

The narratives we create to describe ourselves and our lives have a profound impact on how our lives unfold. We'll draw on the deep well of imagination and unconscious awareness to craft new stories - stories that can bring desired change, and freedom from old beliefs, habits, and self-imposed limitations.

Ceremonies for Modern Life

Our ancestors began creating ceremony and ritual long before modern humans appeared.  In our times, as religion and other traditional communal activities wane, we still feel the longing to gather with others to acknowledge, recognize, commemorate, celebrate, and mourn. We will explore the basic elements out of which moving and meaningful ceremony is created, and how to lead such ceremonies with confidence and grace. 

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