How The Book of How Came to Be

The Book of How is the product of Raven Dana’s 30+ years of experience helping people to create the lives that they desire. I am one of those people.

I first met Raven when she was working with Brad Blanton, and assisting at one of Brad’s Radical Honesty eight-day workshop. When Raven began leading workshops in the DC area in partnership with Clara Griffin of the Griffin Center, I was a regular and enthusiastic participant. When I went through a major life change,  I asked Raven for her help in grasping how I was stopping myself from having what I so deeply desired.  We worked fast – in part because Raven is a skilled coach, and in part because I was primed for change. Within a few months I was able to see clearly how I was getting in my own way, and what I could do to change that. The work we did together was effective, powerful, and truly life-changing.

A few years ago I was between jobs and Raven was tired of hearing people say, “You really ought to write all this down and publish a book.” We began to collaborate on what eventually became The Book of How. Raven wrote, I edited and contributed, together we arranged and rearranged the content, added and deleted material, conspired and collaborated and got mad at each other and got over it and ever so slowly built Raven’s teachings, tools, and techniques into The Book of How.