Are You a Speaker or Sponsor?

Here's What You Can Do to End Harassment at Meetings

Meetings, conferences, and tradeshows depend on the quality of their content and the generosity of their sponsors for their success. Speakers and sponsors can be effective and powerful advocates and allies in the effort to stop sexual and gender-based harassment at these events. 

When you are asked to sponsor or invited to speak at an event, ask to see the producing organization's anti-harassment policy or meeting code-of-conduct.

  • If they don't have one, consider saying "No" to the request until the organization adopts a policy
  • If they have one, ask what procedures are in place to publicize and enforce the policy, and make your own decision about how serious they are about the issue

Click here for a model code of conduct and procedures.

Don't underestimate the influence you have on the organizations that rely on you for their success.