Stop Harassment & Bullying

S*Marts Consulting offers proven, effective ways to stop and prevent harassment and bullying. Learn how to make your meetings and conferences safe and welcoming for all participants. 

  • Three steps to end harassment and bullying at meetings & conferences
  • What to do when you're the target
  • Active bystander intervention training
  • Ally skills training
  • Training for meeting and conference staff 
  • Meeting ombudsman services

 Embrace Authenticity & Diversity at Work

Bring S*Marts to your workplace, program, or event. These interactive programs range from day-long retreats to 30-minute presentations. Topics include:

  • Include is  a Verb: Move from Talk to Action on Diversity & Inclusion
  • Ally Skills: Because Good Intentions Are Not Enough
  • Defeating Impostor Syndrome
  • Decrease Stress and Increase Ease
  • Powerful Communication
  • Authenticity and Self-Promotion

S*Marts Consulting works with leaders at all levels to create vibrant organizations and workplaces where human beings can be human.

  • Bring your values, vision, and desired results into clear focus
  • Define your mission, objectives, and goals
  • Create an culture that embodies and embraces diversity, inclusion, and authenticity

Create the Career & the Life That You Want

When you are ready to change, grow, and create what you dream of, I can help. Working together, we will find out what is in your way and I will give you the tools to dismantle blocks, clear your path, and create the life, the career, the work, and the play that you want.

Together, we can find the paths that will lead you to more inspiration, motivation, creativity, and joy.

    Here's my blog: Ask Dr. SMarts